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  1. Hi there, greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from australia. About 40 years ago – Dec 1974, I attended a christian retreat camp at Batu Feringghi with a group of Chung Ling High School bible study members (form5) and majority of the committee members were from the Burmah Road Gospel hall. Through this camp and prayers of my lovely christian brethrens, I came to know Christ as my Lord and Saviour (Praise the Lord) . I remembered the camp site was a colonial style double storey bungalow and there was a light house on the far left hand side of the bungalow. Could the current christian centre located on the same place? I have a very fond memory of that place (my spiritual birth place) and would like to know whether this is the place that I had been. I hope in the near future (God’s wiling), I will able to visit this place and give thanks to God for His grace to me. Also I hope to thank those who were instrumental in leading me to Christ. I hope to be fit enough to travel in future as I recently have a cardiac arrest and heart attack. By grace of God He has given me a second chance to live. Look forward to hear from you soon. God bless.

  2. Hi Jason,

    So sorry for this late reply as our website was undergoing a change in management. My name is Boo.. and yes, so very glad to hear you recall your CLHS Bible Study Camp days with some of our Burmah Road Gospel Hall brethren.. though I suspect they are more from the Chinese Speaking Assembly who is our neighbour.

    And the campsite you referred to may not be the CCC that we are operating now at Batu Feringghi.. perhaps it was a nearby bungalow that was in the vicinity.

    Anyway, good to hear how our God has delivered you through your MI (Myocardial Infarction) and I’m sure His Grace will continue to envelop you .. always.. and also your family as they care for you.

    We look forward to welcoming you into our fellowship at Burmah Road Gospel Hall at anytime you are in Penang. Here is the link again to our website with updated information.

    In His Service,
    Brother Boo Soon Yew

  3. Can I have your church office tel no or your church pastor mobile no? I would like to ask for permission to share my testimony at your church.
    My email is hannahhiew22@gmail.com

    Thank you.

    God bless,

  4. Hi Sister Hannah,

    I will reply to you by email and give you the necessary contacts.

    In His Service,
    Brother Boo

  5. Hi there,

    Looking for contact info for the church office/pastor, preferably email. Looking to inquire about having a wedding blessing at the church.

    Please contact me at jingsz.gt@gmail.com with the details.

    God Bless,


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